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           The union dues

Video why you want to join a union ?

For the Workers

Your Union dues afford you a high level of protection against employers who lack vision, the highs and lows of an uncertain economy and the caprices of market globalisation. This small investment provides considerable dividends to members of the I.A.M. and their families.

The role of the I.A.M. is to help workers, both men and women, in order that they shall receive a fair salary, good benefits, better working conditions and also a safe workplace, remarked I.A.M. General Secretary-Treasurer Donald E. Wharton. He added that solidarity was the key to obtaining these goals.

The I.A.M. at your service!

Members of the I.A.M., work in diverse industries, from aircraft manufacturing to wood-working shops, but all I.A.M. members belong to an organisation which works to guarantee them the right to voice their opinions in their workplaces. Solid Collective Labour Agreements, and growing success in recruitment has added strength to the voice of the I.A.M. over the last two years. Your Union dues dollars help to nurture these successes, explained Wharton. We have an inflexible engagement to offer a quality service to our members, and this is why I.A.M. members covered by a Collective Agreement earn an average salary of $17.34 an hour. This represents 32% more than the average salary of non-unionised workers. And the total of salaries and benefits paid to I.A.M. members is even higher, added Wharton. The total income of I.A.M. workers, including all the benefits, climbs to a rate of $28.26 an hour. This represents roughly 40% more than non-union workers receive, and is above the average of unionised workers in general said Wharton.

Belonging to a Union gives dividends in many ways. Unionised workers benefit from a secure and safe workplace, better job protection, and seniority rights, grievance and arbitration rights are included in our Collective Agreements, which gives us a higher level of job satisfaction. This proves the veracity of what the old-timers say : it costs very little, and it is certainly worth it said Wharton.

Your I.A.M. Union dues work for you

Joining up, a question of dignity and respect

Joining a Union is a fundamental right in Quebec, assured by article 3 of the Labour Code. It is a right that is worth exercising for several reasons :

   to assure better job security

      protect seniority

      improve your working conditions: salary, special holidays, vacations

      negotiate insurance and retirement plans

      make the work safer

      to defend oneself against injustices

In fact, joining up is to regroup, unite our efforts and our voice in order to be respected, and to negotiate as peer to peer with the employer. It puts an end to favouritism and arbitrariness. Joining a Union means improving ones quality of life at many levels.

Joining a Union pays

The average salary of a full time non-union job was $12.53, that of a unionised job is $17.38, for a difference of 38.7%. In jobs held by women, the difference rises to 47.6%, even then, it was 30% for men.

Right of Accreditation

Article 21 of the Labour Code says that a majority of 50% +1 of the workers must be in favour of a Union in order to obtain an accreditation, in the majority of cases.

Can we be threatened or intimidated for wanting to Unionise?  

According to Articles 13 and 14 of the Labour Code, it is forbidden for the employer to use intimidation, threats or reprisals against an employee, for Union activities.

Membership is kept secret.

Article 36 provides that a workers membership in a Union remains confidential.

Conditions to become a member.  

      sign a duly dated membership application.

      personally pay a sum of $2.00.

      be a worker in the concerned Bargaining Unit.  

Maintenance of working conditions

Finally, from the date of the deposit of the request for accreditation, working conditions must be maintained by the employer according to article 59 of the Code.

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