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Welcome to the International Association of Machinists
and Aerospace Workers in Canada.

We're a union of more than 50,000 working men and women throughout Canada who share the common goals of justice on the job, security for the family and service to the community.

The Machinists Union is a union on the move.

We're on the move to expand the family of working men and women who trust our union as the best possible safeguard for security in an increasingly complex and uncertain work environment.

We're talking about a democratic union with strong traditions of local autonomy where the membership runs the union.

The union which started in the railways at the turn of the Century has grown into an amazing range of human endeavour.

Today, for example, we are the largest airline union in Canada, representing more than 16,000 workers in virtually all aspects of the air transport industry. They say with good reason that "If it flies, you can bet your bottom dollar The I.A.M.A.W. helps make it happen."

We represent workers in the aerospace industry, the manufacturing of aircraft parts, helicopters, engines, pulp and paper, auto parts, light and heavy machinery, farm equipment, fridges, stoves, trucks, buses, mobile homes, boats, weigh scales, printing presses, swimming pools, conveyer systems, ball point pens, industrial pumps, glass beads, pet food, radios, cosmetics, light fixtures, signs, electric motors, elevators, snow blowers, staples and nails, wall coverings, hockey sticks, kitchenware, office furniture, submarine valves, and even milk and cookies.

IAM members work in the public sector for school boards, for a municipal ambulance service, for transit and power commissions.

We work in sensitive industries like Atomic Energy of Canada, and maintain critical printing equipment at Canadian Bank Note.

We work in the printing and publishing industry, in university research laboratories and we provide cable T. V. service.

We work in auto and truck sales and service.

You will find IAM members at work in offices throughout Canada in a broad range of occupations which are part of our new information society.

And we are proud of our international association with workers throughout North America in The I.A.M.A.W., especially in the new Global Economy.

We are affiliated to the Canadian Labour Congress, and two worldwide groupings of unions representing workers in industries comparable to ours -- the International Transport Workers Federation and the International Metalworkers Federation.

Our Locals are affiliated to Labour Councils and Provincial Federations of Labour throughout Canada.

In order to incite our members to provide us with contacts which would lead us to get a new certification and the signing of a first collective agreement, District 11 will reward the member who has given the contact in the following manner:

Between 20 and 50 new members :           A cheque in the amount of 100$
Between 51 and 100 new members :         A cheque in the amount of 250$
Between 101 and 250 new members :       A cheque in the amount of 500$
Between 251 and 500 new members :       A 1000$ value gift
Between 501 and 750 new members :       A 2500$ value gift
Between 751 and 1000 new members :     A 3500$ value gift
More than 1000 new members:                 A 5000$ value gift

The cheque or the gift will be remitted to the member who has given us the lead as soon as District 11 will collect its first Per Capita tax paid by the newly unionized group.

Directing Business Representative, Business Representatives And Organizing Business Representative are not eligible for these rewards.

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( 514 ) 485-4163

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