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District 11 looking for hockey players to be part of its team

District 11 form a hockey team to participate in the aerospace tournament, players will have to be member of a Local Lodge affiliated to District 11. The caliber is very good. The District will provide the sweaters.

Date: April 20, 21, 27, 28 and May 4, 5 2013

Place: Complexe Sportif Guimond à Laval.

Cost: $130

If you are interesseted please contact: Alessandro Bernardelli at 514-519-0612  before March 22 2013.

The cost must be paid to Alessandro before March 29 2013.

David Plourde appointed to the position of trustee

The Québec Machinists Council, executive appointed David Plourde of Local Lodge1660 to the position of trustee.

David mandat will terminate at the QMC Convention on May 11 2013.

We would like to welcome David and wish him good luck in his new position.


Petition on employment insurance

A job loss is a devastating event for the whole family

This is why employment insurance exists, to give us some peace of mind on the job market

Employment insurance is an insurance whereby we assess throughout our professional life

But the Government still find new ways to block access to benefits

At the present time, six-in-ten workers are not eligible for employment insurance benefits

We call on the Government of Canada to reverse the devastating changes to employment insurance and restore equitable access to decent benefits for the unemployed

We ask you to sign this petition before February 28 Thursday by clicking on the following link:


8th IAMAW annual donor clinic

For the eight consecutive year, the IAM is holding its annual blood clinic.



Thursday 28 february 2013


11:30 A.M. to 19:30 P.M.


Shopping center Place Côte-Vertu, (Entrance 4 TD Bank)
3131 Boul. Côte Vertu, Ville St-Laurent.

Web site:


I oppose Project law C-377

Denis Longtin

Project law C-377. People must sign an electronic petition against this law, the Conservatives want to know the use of the unions money. They don't want this money to be used to make politic. However, they don't do anything about the contributions to the bosses council. So how we will defend our members? Please sign quickly, the link:  http://chn.ge/R25d9B



Alexandre Boulerice, Député NPD / NPD MP

I am opposed to the adoption of Bill C-377 and I ask MPs of the Parliament of Canada to vote against it.

Bill C-377 from Conservative MP Russ Hiebert, aims to force labour organizations to disclose a significant amount of financial and sensitive information.

This bill does not mention that unions are democratic organizations and already disclose their financial statements to members who request it.

• This bill will create a mountain of bureaucratic red tape (Approximately 25,000 organizations must submit details of ALL financial transactions over $5,000. Such transactions will then be published on the website of Revenue Canada).

• This bill is extremely expensive (cost estimates vary between $10.6 million and $150 million for the establishment of the registry).

• This bill would violate the protection of privacy (the disclosure of of information of private nature is at the heart of this bill).

MPs in the House of Commons, I ask you to vote against Bill C-377. It is a costly Bill, it will violate privacy, it is unnecessary and partisan

Fabio Zacchigna sworn in to the position of trustee

On September 27 the President Directing Business Representative David Chartrand sworn Fabio Zacchigna of Local Lodge 1660 to the position of trustee at District 11.

Fabio is replacing Luc Morasse who was elected Business Representative last May.
We would like to welcome Fabio and wish him good luck in is new fonction.


Presentation of Convention gavel

Tom Buffenbarger International President - Daniel Poirier - Claude Levasseur Local Lodge 712
David Chartrand President Directing Business Representative District 11

Opening day included a long-standing IAM tradition as members of Local Lodge 712 presented a superbly-craft gavel to the International President Ton Buffenbarger to mark the opening of the 38th Grand Lodge Convention. Claude Levasseur, Daniel Poirier, George Cloutier and Stéphane Poirier, members employed by Bombardier in Montreal, all had a hand in making the gavel.

Made of aluminium, brass, Teflon and carbon fiber, the gavel was housed in a box worthy of its content and custom-built by Rejean Constantin, carpenter and fellow Local 712 member.

¨The presentation of a Convention gavel has been a mainstay in our Union since 1889 when Tom Talbot received a gavel from Richmond, Virginia Local 10 to open our first Convention¨ recounted President Buffenbarger. ¨And now, 123 years and 37 Conventions later, I am honored to accept this gavel, and thank the members of Montreal, Quebec Local 712 for keeping our tradition alive in such fine fashion.

Video 38th IAMAW Convention

The members of Local Lodge 1660 accept the offers of Metso Minerals

Denis Longtin

Tuesday, may 15 2012,the members of Local Lodge 1660 (Metso Minerals),in a special meeting, have accepted the employers offers by a majority vote.
The major changes are:
· Improvement of the premium second team Effective March 27, 2013 will be $ 1.20
· Improvement of the premium third team Effective March 27, 2013 will be $ 1.45
Improved of the coverage for prescription eyewear personal ($ 350.00)
· Benefits of expensive life-apply the same terms of the collective agreement
· temporary improvements to the pension plan will not be renewed at 1 January 2013

Wage increase of 2% starting Mars 27 2012, of 2,5% starting Mars 27 2013, and of 2.5% starting Mars 27 2014,
This new collective agreement will be for a duration of 3 years.

The Québec Machinists Council invites you to a rally in support
to the members of Local Lodge 1751 that worked at Aveos

David Chartrand
Business Representative


Date: Wednesday April 25 2012

Time: 07:30

Place: Métro Guy/Concordia in front of Tim Horton, corner Guy and De Maisonneuve West

Lets support our brothers and sisters who cross difficult moments for them and their family.

We are counting on you and look forward seeing you their

May 1st march. AVEOS – MABE – ÉLECTROLUX

This year, in order to celebrate the “Fête Internationale des Travailleurs et Travailleuses” on May 1st, the FTQ Laurentides-Lanaudière has decided to focus on the closing of Electrolux, Mabe and Aveos, by organizing a walk with the ex-workers. The walk will be held in l’Assomption.

The day will begin at 2: 30 p.m. with music, hot dogs, drinks and entertainment and will continue with a walk that will start at 4: 30 p.m. and will end around 5:30 p.m.

We will meet in front of the Electrolux Plant at the following address: 802, l’Ange-Gardien, in l’Assomption.

Interview of David Chartrand President Directing Business Representative
to Isabelle Maréchal at 98.5fm

David Chartrand
Business Representative

On March 28, 2012 the President Directing Business Representative of District 11 David Chartrand gave an interview to Isabelle Maréchal radio show at 98.5fm.

The subject of the order of the day  ¨What  kind of trade union we want?

http://www.985fm.ca/audioplayer.php?mp3=128579 (French only)

First collective agreement for the workers of Bombardier Transport members of Local Lodge 1660

Joined together at a general meeting the members of Local Lodge 1660 ratified a first collective agreement of 3 years at 69.8%.

New collective agreement of a 3 years duration  with a 3% retroactive increase in  in first year, 2,5% in 2nd year and 2,3% in last year of the agreement.

There also was a wage adjustment for a particular classification of more than 4%.

2 applicable additional statuary holidays as from the 2nd year of the collective agreement

With overtime, the members can accumulate hours in a bank of 16 hours per year.

The new agreement includes/understands language which relates to health & safety and the mandate of its joint committee.

Language on  fixed hours work

Creation of a joint committee for the formation.

Improvement of certain benefit on the level of the group insurances like the refunding of health care, while reducing the cost of the premiums.

Increase of the amount for the acquisition of safety boots.

Congratulations to Yves Bélanger and Jocelyn Vachon for their hard work.

District 11 and Local Lodge 1660 supports the brothers and sisters of Air Canada

Mechanics, luggage handlers and certain other employees believed to go on strike tonight. But the reference of their file of negotiation to the Canadian Council of  labour relations blocks any possibility of strike or lockout.

Members of District 11 joined their brothers and sisters in symbolic demonstration  Monday March 12, 2012, on a section of strongly supervised pavement. Marcel St-Jean, president of Local Lodge1751, explained that its 1700 members did not want to harm the travellers, but to simply show them that the employment relationships are not good at Air Canada.

According to the trade union, the negotiations with the employer would stumble on several points.

In 2003, “the employees made large concessions to save the company” when they were placed under the bankruptcy protection law, affirmed Mr. St-Jean. He estimates that Air Canada does not take enough into account these sacrifices made.

Minister Raitt will present a law against a strike

The federal government continues its tactic to prevent a strike or a lockout at Air Canada.

The  federal Minister of Work LISA Raitt announced, Monday, the deposit of a bill which makes illegal any strike.

Last week, minister Raitt seeing the announcement of a lockout of the Air Canada pilots and the beginning of the means of pressure from the mechanics, the luggage handlers and the agents of freight, entrusted the two files to the Canadian Council of the labour relations.

The operation prevented the strike while waiting for that the Council judges the impact of such a stop on the health and the safety of the Canadians. The minister was buying time while waiting for the adoption; of a possible bill.

Monday, she made adopt a motion ensuring that the study of the bill would be accelerated.

The opposition denounces the attack against the basic rights of the workers.

The conservative government, said obliged to protect the Canadian economy and the Canadian families which travel in this week of spring break in Ontario

To know more (French only)

Be wary of line 448 of your provincial tax report This tax could be expensive to you!


Since 2010, the Charest government made an addition with the provincial tax report: line 448! This line represents the amount which each taxpayer must pay as a  “contribution” to the departments of health

To know more (French only)

Lodge 1660 wants to take part in the Aeronautics Tournament

Alessandro Bernardelli

This year, the aeronautics hockey tournament will be held on April 28,29 and May 5,6. Usually, District 11 is always implied, while being a sponsor of this event.

This year Alessandro Bernardelli of  Local Lodge 1758 would like to put together a team to represent District 11. The team would be made up of members coming from various Local Lodges.

¨I would like to  know which would be interested to play. I would need the name of the player, with his position (defence, forward, goalkeeper) and a phone number where they can be contacted. Hélène Fréchette (Organizer) and i will build the team.¨

The District agreed to provide the hockey shirts for the tournament, but as regards to the costs of register, that remains to be determined. It could be that the players pay for part of the register. We can ask each of our Local Lodges to give an amount to support us

If you have questions:
Telephone: 514-519-0612
EMail: alessandro.aimta1758 @ gmail.com

7th IAMAW annual donor clinic

the seven consecutive year, the IAM is holding its annual blood clinic.



Thursday 01 March 2012


10:30 A.M. to 20:00 P.M.


Shopping center Place Côte-Vertu, gate 4 or 7
3131 Boul. Côte Vertu, Ville St-Laurent.

Web site:


The members of the Local Lodge 1660 working at Kéfor Structures
accepted a renewal of a 5 years collective agreement

The members of Local Lodge 660 working at Kéfor Structures accepted in a strong majority the offers of the Employer.

It is about the renewal of a 5 years collective agreement  with an annual wages increase of 3%.

Denis Longtin

Improvements also in the premiums of team work and lead hands, increase of the amount for the refunding of safety shoes.

Although many of our members expected other improvement in other fields, they appreciated the other improvements concerning the articles of the collective agreement more precisely on the level of the articles which touch vacation of mourning when one of our member is hard hit by a family mourning and vacation for sickness payable if they are not used.

As a whole, the Business Representative Denis Longtin mentions¨with the innovations of this work contract and the result of the vote shows that the members appreciated the work made by their internal representative of the negotiating committee.¨

Relay for life 2012

Christian Bilodeau
President Local lodge 1660

The IAMAW team for the Relay for life (Canadian Cancer Society ) it's a go! The Web site is in function to begin the collection of donations! Come to take part in great number (members, parents and friends) and be generous! Together we will overcome

We all know someone that fought or is fighting against cancer. Come make your share with us! Thanks to the research we will overcome this disease.

For those who want to give a donation,on line by credit card by clicking on DONATIONS

Thank you for your generosity.

The local lost a great militant

Mike Rivest 1948-2011

Dear Sistres & Brothers

We have received news last Friday which has profoundly saddened us all, our friend and colleague Mike Rivest has passed away.

We wish to offer his family and friends our sincere condolences.

Mike was a militant for many years and he recently had retired from Metso Minerals (GE Hydro)

A generous person with his time with a human touch that will leave us with fond memories

It is with a heart filled with sadness that I invite you to have a thought for Mike and everyone who has crossed his life

In all friendship goodbye Mike


IAM Scholarship 2012


The IAMAW is pleased to announce its 2012 Scholarship Competition which offers renewable awards each year: Awards to members are $ 2,000. per academic year. They are granted for a specific period from one to four years to enable the member to earn a Bachelor’s degree or a two-year vocational technical certification. Awards to children of members are: College- $1,000 per academic year. All awards are renewed each year until a Bachelor’s degree is obtained up to a maximum of four years. Vocational technical school - $ 2,000 per year until certification is reached up to a maximum of two years.

An eligible applicant must be an IAM member or the son, daughter, stepchild or legally adopted child of an IAM member. A member applicant must have two years of continuous good-standing membership through the closing date of the competition, which is February 24, 2012.

The 2012 - IAM Scholarship competition information form is available on the Local Lodge 1660 website and at the:

Local Lodge 1660
414 rue Lafleur suite 15 Lasalle, Qc. 
H8R 3H6

Tel: (514) 419-0997 


The information form is not currently available. Please fill out the appropriate application form and visit the competition website for more details. Complete the request and mail to Grand Lodge at the address mentioned on the form.

The deadline for returning your application form back to Grand Lodge is February 24, 2012. The Local Lodge 1660 annually contributes in the IAM Scholarship Fund. We encourage our members to apply and wish them the best of luck.


??????? Federal and provincial worker’s law guaranties annual vacations ??????????????

When the first workers unions tried to impose their wright to have annual paid vacations, the Establishment and the Conservative government were saying that oisiveness will make workers lose their will to work and encourage a facility spirit.

Unions did not let go and some country, as Germany, began to instaure those vacations. France, in 1936, will offer 2 weeks of annual paid vacations. In Canada, in 1944, the Ontario government was the first to promulgate a law to force the employers to give 1 week of paid vacations to their employees.

In Quebec, the Montreal Cotton (Dominion Textile) of Salaberry of Valleyfield went on strike in 1946. The Compagny was able by law to make up to 112 and 2thrd% annual profit. The 3,000 workers revendications were $0.15 per hour raize, 1 week of paid annual vacation and some frenges benefits. They wore working 72 hours per weeks at a rate of $0.50 per hours. Along that strike that last 100 days, the Duplessis government declare the strike illigal and the Clerical use their power to vendicate the workers to obey to their government. At the end of those 100 days, the compagnie use its private police wtih the help of the provincial police to get 300 scabs in the factory. That provoqued a riat so big and so violent that the compagny and the provincial police abdicated at the condition that the scabs could get back safely to their home.

The contract signed on November 26 by the OUTA and the Montreal Cotton consisted of : union recognitioin, salary raize of $ 0.05 for all, night shift premium, overtime payed, 1 week of 40 hours payed for all, voluntary union dues held and revocable, seniority rules and greevenses procedures. The contract did not specified specially mentionned sexual harrashment but favoritism and unjustified or unfair lay off were made more difficult.

The complete facts (in french only) on www.historycooperative.org/journals/llt/62/bettez.html Nerver forget that our ancesters fought hard and at time of familly misery for all working conditions we are enjoying today

NDP and Labour should continue to be Full Partners – Ritchie!

Monday September 12, 2011
For Immediate Release

TORONTO – “Union members all across Canada are concerned about the apparent change of rules in the upcoming NDP leadership,” says IAMAW Canadian General Vice President Dave Ritchie.

“The IAMAW will abide by the rules as they appear to be set, but we voice a strong objection to a simplistic one member, one vote leadership process.”

“Machinist members elected me to represent them – in their jobs and in the political arena, where decisions about their working lives are made,” said Ritchie.

“I have a strong belief in democracy and it is that belief which drives me to say this publicly at this particular time,” said Ritchie, representing more than 40,000 IAMAW members in Canada.

He added, “I believe no-one really wants to debate the issue because it seems unpopular at this time. The NDP was created in 1961 by an historic partnership of the CCF (forerunners of the NDP), and the labour movement and the Machinists were very much a part of that creation. This created an alliance between organized labour and the political left in Canada. This proposed new system, brings me to question that partnership.”

Removing the weighted vote from the leadership process removes the weight of those organisations representing Canadian workers and goes against the founding principals of the party. “Under this new system I question who will represent organized labour and how,” said Ritchie.

For further information:
Dave Ritchie – IAMAW Canadian General Vice President
416-386-1789 Ext #6323
Bill Trbovich – IAMAW Director of Communications
416-386-1789 Ext #6331/416-735-9765

Jack Layton (1950-2011)

The Machinists Union mourns the passing of Jack Layton. Jack was Leader of Canada’s New Democrats and of Canada’s Official Opposition. He was 61 years old.

Jack’s vision and his tireless energy transformed the NDP into Canada’s official opposition. He was someone who believed in social democracy and spent his whole life bringing that message to Canadians.

It is a sad day for Canadians and democracy that this great leader has passed away just as he was reaching his peak. Jack launched the NDP into Canada’s official opposition for the first time in its history after the May 2011 general elections. The dream of forming Canada’s governing party falls to those who follow in his footsteps.

Jack supported the Machinists Union in our many struggles and was always available to speak to us when we needed him.

The Machinists Union in Canada and the officers, staff and members send our deepest condolences and our strength to Olivia and Jack’s family. Jack will be missed by all.

Dave Ritchie
General Vice President IAMAW Canada

Please visit www.ndp.ca

Transforming unions movement into change

Like the world around us, organized labour is currently undergoing important changes. We are inundated with all sorts of often contradictory information that comes to us from all sides. Companies, governments, the media… each and every group seems to have something to say about us, and this “something” is rarely in our favour. Union bashing has become quite a popular sport. As workers and also as citizens it is our duty to sort the truth out from the lies. This bulletin is the first of a series aimed at providing a vehicle for reflecting on topics that touch us all as workers. The role of unions goes beyond negotiating better salaries and benefits. Unions also give us the power to change things, both in our work environment and in society as a whole. Nothing can be taken for granted. In the upcoming issues, I will talk to you about the importance of keeping our eyes and ears open and the relevance of a strong and active union, where recruiting new members takes on its full meaning.

Robert Savoie, organizer, District 140

The District 11 gives itself a new visibility

District 11 decided to use mobile cantines to promote the IAMAW.

This tool will permit the workers not unionized that want to have a representation, to contact our organisation to represent them, like we do for the 8500 workers in Quebec that we represent.


IAMAW Convention draw of a Bombardier Roaster and a Harley Davidson Wide Glide

The organizing committee of the IAMAW Convention that will be held on September 2012 in Toronto has put in circulation tickets to win:

Bombardier Roaster

Harley Davidson Wide Glide

You can contact the District 11 to purchase tickets at (514) 956-1578.

The tickets prices are: 1 pour $5 and 5 pour $20 good luck to everyone.

Fonds de solidarité FTQ Share Price Reaches a New High
for the Year Ended May 31, 2011

Montréal, July 4, 2011 (5:00 p.m.) - Unveiling the results for the year ended May 31, 2011, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ (“Fonds”) is pleased to announce an annual return of 8.8%. As a result of this performance, share price reached a new high of $25.92, an increase of $2.08 over its value in July 2010 and $0.89 over January 2011. Net earnings were a record $650 million, allowing net assets to break the $8 billion mark for the first time since the Fonds’ inception 28 years ago. The number of owner-shareholders also set a new record at 583,235.

“We’re extremely satisfied with our performance in fiscal 2011. We collected almost $40 million more in shareholder contributions than last year, issuing $698 million in shares. These figures show that a growing number of Quebecers are realizing that the Fonds’ RRSP is a great product that makes it easy to get into good saving habits and ultimately enjoy a more comfortable retirement. One of the main reasons our RRSP campaign was so successful is the tireless work of our teams, including, of course, our 2,000 local representatives, and I’d like to thank them all for their engagement and effectiveness. The Fonds is a unique, innovative tool, both on the social and economic levels in that it uses its shareholders’ savings to invest in businesses all across Québec , allowing them to grow and create and protect jobs,” said Michel Arsenault, Board Chairman of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and President of the FTQ.


The IAMAW organises a team to participate at the Relay for life 2012

The IAMAW District 11 organises a team to participate at the Relay for life 2012. The inscriptions will start at the end of summer 2011. The members, parents and friends of all Local Lodges are welcome.

On the event (June 2012) the participants will walk by relaying each other for a period of 12 hours. We are starting early to give us almost a year to organise events of fund lifting and to build a strong team.

We all are touched closely or by far by cancer and the IAMAW is proud to help to to overcome this battle. The persons interested to participate may communicate with Hélène Fréchette to register or to obtain information Email;
Hélène Fréchette Telephone: (514) 956-1578. Let's participate in great numbers to demonstrate are solidarity!

Thank you


The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is more than just a fundraiser. It is an opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer, and fight back in the hope of finding a cure for this terrible disease.

Relay is fun, fulfilling, and your participation gives strength to our mission to eradicate cancer.

Support to the postal workers

Louise Michaud
 Women condition QFL

As a sign of support to the postal workers which were seen imposed last week end a special law of return to work after being put in lockout by their employer,  Canada Posts, I suggest a small gesture below.

To add to the insult, the special law adopted by the Harper government grants wage conditions lower than those which had been accepted by the management of Canada Posts.

To do : Write messages of solidarity on each envelop that you send in the next weeks. For exemple : «I am againts the special law and support 'its dispute by the CUPW supports in front of the courts”; or “I support the CUPW”.

The government will not be implied in this action, but the important thing, it is that each one of these letters will pass between the hands of several employees of Canada Posts and that you will express also this support with the person who will receive the letter. The goal is to show our dissension and to encourage these workers.

District 11 and Local Lodge 712 developed an high level of expertise


Andrée Bouchard
Health & Safety Rep.

District 11 and Local Lodge 712 developed an high level of expertise in the defence of their working accident members or victims of professional lesions

Probably that you knew it already. But did you know how much costs you these services of representation if you are victim of a professional lesion?

Absolutely nothing !

Indeed, as member you profit from a complete service in the defence of your rights. Thus, you have access to the services of trade-union representatives specialized in health and safety in the work place, one representing trade-union and, in the event of dispute, those of a experienced lawyer.

Speakers of 1st level, the trade-union representatives in HS see to inform you of your rights and to help you to fill the relevant forms and the necessary disputes. They make sure of the follow-up of your file and represent you at the time of the administrative revision. These HS representatives  are oversees by one permanent  HS representing of District 11 which advises them and supervises. In the possibility where your file is directed to the Commission of the professional lesions, it will analyze it and transfer your file to a lawyer. This lawyer will represent you in front of the C.P.L

To note, all these services of representation are offered by dedicated people  to defend your rights with no cost you.

BE WARY of the advertisements where certain specialist companies propose fixed prices turn-key to you or guarantees you a assured success. These firms are not associations of paid nor do not result from  trade union movement. They are private companies with lucrative goal. That means that their mission is to make a profit. Their services often extremely expensive and are not necessarily dedicated to the defence of your rights. Some of these firms require even a flat-rate amount that are equivalent between 20% and 30% of the total profits poured by the CSST paid to the worker, in surplus of their fees for representation. Do the math.

So why risk big by signing a contract that you could regret for a long time ?

Do not be imprudent and do business with somebody that you don't know and that you cant put your total confidence in.

Don't hesitate to do business with YOUR UNION.

Interview of David Chartrand to Staight Goods News at the CLC Convention


QFL Great community work for the victims of the floods at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu June 12, 2011

As mentioned last weekend at the District delegate meeting and in several discussion of the last weeks with several representative.

The QFL organizes a Great community work on June 12 2011

It would be great that our members participate in this community work. We have members that live in that region, they need our help.

The people in the region of Richelieu really need help, they are exhausted.

I would find very afflicting that our members do not present themselves to this event. Work consists to clean the grounds of people and to remove the remains. I ask that our members who will go to help on the 12 to wear proudly the colours of the Machinists. Bring gloves and rubber boots. We have rain coats available at the District. Lunch's will be given by the Civil Security, but bring something to eat in case...

Lets show our solidarity.
Date: Sunday June 12 2011
Departure: 7:00am (Chartered buses)
Place: 9100 Métropolitain boul. est (Anjou) big parking available
Return: 05:00pm

Registration before June 9 2011 Yuriko Hattori (514) 383-8021

The negotiating committee  working at Bombardier Transport preparing their first collective agreement

David Chartrand (President Directing Business Rep.)
 Denis Longtin (Business Rep.)  Jocelyn Vachon - Yves Bélanger

The negotiating committee Local Lodge 1660 working at Bombardier Transport met on different occasions at the District 11 offices to prepare their first collective agreement.

The members where implicated in this negotiation.  A survey was given to all given the negotiating committee the expectations of the members.

We want to wish good luck to this new committee.

Retirement Campaign Urgent Call to Mobilize

Gérald Tremblay

 Grande Loge

The QFL forwarded a letter to sign and to send to various ministers with an aim of supporting the QFL retirement campaign concerning the allowance of the revenues of retirement paid by the public modes. To help the Minister of Finance of Quebec, Raymond Bachand, to decide, we ask you to send a small email as soon as possible to him. With this intention, you have to click on the address email ministre.delegue@finances.gouv.qc.ca and copy the following sentence there:

“I support the QFL retirement campaign and of its allies and asks you to improve the Mode of revenues of Quebec in the direction of our claims”.

The QFL campaign “a retirement security for everyone ” is supported by about sixty groups representing the civil society which, like us, believe that there is urgency to act to get a revenue of decent retirement to everyone. The angular stone of our claims is the allowance of the Mode of revenues of Quebec (RRQ). On June 15, 2011, the Ministers of Finance of each province and the federal minister of Finances will meet to discuss the future of the Mode of pensions of Canada and its twin, the Mode of revenues of Quebec. So that a improvement is made, the agreement of the 2/3 of the provinces accounting for the 2/3 of the population is necessary. To date, seven provinces gave their support; except Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan. However, the elder ones of Quebec are among poorest in Canada. The government of Quebec must give its agreement so that the rule of the 2/3 of the population is complied with and thus, to ensure a decent revenue the future retirees.

Good raisons to be very proud to be Machinists - IAMAW

Jean Groleau - Local Lodge 712
 Alcohol, drug-addiction and other
QFL Committee

Louise Michaud - Local Lodge 869
President  Women's condition QFL Committee  
(Elected representative substitute of the women at the Office)

We have good reasons to be very proud to be Machinists - IAMAW, because we are seriously involved and strongly within the trade union movement in Quebec

Our participation within QFL Standing Committees is fabulous

Our particpation within the " QFL" solidarity funds; is also fabulous

Also among QFL Standing Committees we have two of our members who occupy the position of president of their respective Committee

Louise Michaud of Local Lodge 869 is President Women's condition QFL Committee  and ( Elected representative substitute of the women at the Office)

Jean Groleau - Local Lodge 712 is President  Alcohol, drug-addiction and other dependences QFL Committee

Really something to be very proud as a Machinist IAMAW

Gilles Brosseau
Quebec coordinator

May 1th walk

International day of workers

A few members of the IAMAW present at the May 1st walk

Thanks to the members that represented our union at the May 1st walk. Other members joined the group after the picture was taken.


All members of the Machinists union are invited to join the workers walk on  May 1th.

Date: May 1th, 2011
Time: 12:00pm
Rally: Montreal
Corner Marie-Anne and Fullum

Print the official call (French)

Federal Elections 2011 videos

Federal Elections 2011 videos

#1 Seniors
#2 Post-Secondary education
#3 First Nations
#4 Workers
#5 Pharmacare
#6 Transparency and good government 01
#7 Transparency and good government 02
#8 Tax cuts and jobs
#9 Why vote NPD
#10 Trade deals
#11 Harper - Unfit to govern
#12 Arrogance
#13 King of contempt
#14 Seniors 2
#15 Corporations
#16 Trust
#17 Workers
#18 The environment
#19 Medicare
#20 Childcare
#21 Jobs
#22 Affordability
#23 Healthcare


Funeral march
Information (French only)

International wokers day
Information (French only)

A retirement shield of concerns

Gérald Tremblay
Grand Lodge Rep.

I ask you to support the campaign by clicking on the link of the QFL and send this link to all your members and contacts and asking them to support this campaign.

Next June, the Canadian Minister of Finances reunites the Ministers of Finances of each province.  At the order of the day: improvement of the CPP/QPP. 

There is not much time remaining. Lets be hearded!

Write some lines to show support on this retirement campaign from the QFL to:
Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finances, Government of Canada,  flaherty.j@parl.gc.ca

Raymond Bachand, Minister of Finances, Government of Québec,  ministre.delegue@finances.gouv.qc.ca

Julie Boulet, Minister of Employement and Social Solidarity, Gouvernement of Québec, ministre@mess.gouv.qc.ca

Only one sentence or two example:

" Mister the minister or Madam the minister, I write to you to show my support in the QFL campaign to improve the revenu of the QPP.  I ask you to join the majority of the Canadian provinces which support the improvement of the CPP which is equivalent of the QPP.

Fore more information consult the QFL web site by clicking the link below:

clicking this link (French Only)

Unprecedented Solidarity Nets New Members for Machinists!

Montréal, QC – IAMAW Local Lodge 1660 has new members thanks to unprecedented solidarity within the Québec Federation of Labour.

In an organizing campaign lasting more than a year, 51 mechanics, machinists, millwrights, electricians and general labourers employed by Bombardier Transport, are now members of the Machinists.

“When we started this campaign we asked the QFL for organizing help,” explained IAMAW District Lodge 11 Directing Business Representative David Chartrand. “What we got was the greatest example of union solidarity I have ever witnessed. Not only did the QFL supply an organizer, but also four other unions, CEP, USW, UFCW and SEIU, all supplied us with their organizers to help close the deal. It shows you what organized labour can accomplish when we work together.”

The new group has already elected a bargaining committee and will soon begin negotiations for their first collective agreement. The new members provide maintenance, repair and overhaul of MTA trains. They will work at the new major overhaul centre currently under construction in Cote St.-Luc in Montréal. The new overhaul centre serves MTA trains providing commuter service to the South Shore, West Island and Laurentian districts of Montréal.

6th Blood Donor Clinic: Objective Reached!

Once again, the IAMAW’s blood drive was a huge success, with a result this year of 119%!

Thank you to all the members who took the time to give blood as well as our volunteers, Ginette Souchereau of Local Lodge 423, Marc Larochelle of Local Lodge 869, Denis Paiement of Local Lodge 712 and Christian Bilodeau’s daughter , Mégane Jolicoeur, of Local Lodge 1660, for their outstanding work.

Knowing that one blood donation can help to save 4 lives and that, every 80 seconds, someone in Québec needs blood, their generosity made a genuine difference.


Message from the President Directing Business Rep. David Chartrand
to support the Local Lodge 1751 at the demonstration against Air Canada

I transmit a request to you; support, which was conveyed to us by our fellow-members of Local Lodge 1751.

As you know, in the past at the time of demonstrations we were able to count on the support of the members of Local Lodge 1751 and i would like to be able to do the same for them.

On this occasion, I will be present and I count on the presence of the maximum of you to ensure the success of this demonstration.

I invite you to read below the important issues of their fight which is for all the trade unions in Quebec.

Also, I ask the participation of all the personnel which is permanent or full-time for the trade union.

Thank you for your support and the pleasure of meeting with you at the Demonstration

Place: Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport

Date: Wednesday March 16 2011

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

The Air Canada Public Participation Act must be reinforced by the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper.

Air Canada must maintain Operational and Overhaul Centres in the City of Winnipeg, the City of Mississauga and in the Montreal Urban Community. The Law is there to protect our jobs on Canadian soil.

We have to oppose the dissolution of Air Canada’s assets at the expense of our jobs

Locked out of the Journal de Montreal accept the offer of Quebecor

The employees of the Journal de Montreal finally resigned themselves, several unwillingly, in order not to live a 765e day of the lockout, longest of  Canadian media history.

It is this way that the last offer of Quebecor was accepted by a proportion of 64,1% by the trade unionists present at the assembly held Saturday at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal.

The result of the vote was known towards 20:15, some 45 minutes after the trade unionists started to come to a conclusion about the offer at the time of a secret vote.

The agreement extends period of five years and will allow 62 full-time employees and part-time on the few 225 still attached to the Journal de Montreal, to preserve their jobs. A little more than 70% of the personnel will lose their employment

The members of Local Lodge accept an agreement of 3 years with Plastic Decorators

The members of Local Lodge 1660 – Plastic Decorators accepted the offers  of the company in their general meeting. The proposition was voted in favour by 90%.

Yves Raymond
Business Rep.

The gains in the new collective agreement:

Salary raises of 7.5% for three years (1.5%, 3.5% and 2.5%).  The raise of 1.5% is retroactive to September 23 2010. 

Other important  modifications are two (2)  sick days were added

The shift premium raised to 0.15¢/hour for evening and night.. 

The number of years of service necessary to obtain 5 weeks vacation drop to 17 years ( a reduction of 3 years).

The bonus for presence could be doubled. 

A grade of senior operator was also modified and will give an increase of 0.29$/hour. 

A neutral clause was accepted by the company

Congratulation to the committee.

6th IAMAW annual donor clinic

the sixth consecutive year, the IAM is holding its annual blood clinic. The goal this year is set at 75 donors.



17 March 2011


10:30 A.M. to 20:00 P.M.


Shopping center Place Côte-Vertu, gate 4 or 7
3131 Boul. Côte Vertu, Ville St-Laurent.

Web site:


Another company in Lanaudière is courted by Memphis

Tennessee, let us recall , unrolled a red carpet with Electrolux so that she moves from l'Assomption to Memphis her production of electric household appliances. The various stages of government thus offered 132 US million to this Swedish multinational.

Now the town of Memphis, in Tennessee, courts Kruger, this Montreal company which projects an investment of at least 100 million dollars to increase its production of toilet paper.

In an article published yesterday, a newspaper of Memphis, Commercial The Appeal, reports that the mayor of Memphis, A.C. Wharton, and the mayor of the county of Shelby, Mark Luttrell, met Wednesdaywith two leaders of Kruger.

According to the agenda of the Luttrell mayor, that this American newspaper could consult, it is about Mario Gosselin, manager of Kruger Products, and Jean Majeau, vice-president communications of Kruger Inc.

“It is a very promising creative project of employment , but I cannot say more”, entrusted the mayor of Memphis, A.C. Wharton, shortly after this meeting.

The Press revealed in December that Kruger hesitated between its factories of Memphis and Crabtree, in Lanaudière, for its project of expansion which would create a hundred established posts. It is a question of adding a paper machine with a capacity of 30.000 metric tons.

“Those which believed that the threat for our manufacturing employment comes from Mexico and Asia would do better, from now on, to just look at the other side of the border”, still insists David Chartand the president of district 11 of theIAMAW-QFL.

But what can we do to prevent the manufacturing companies presenting the profile of Electrolux and who think of moving their home where the subsidies are very generous?

“I do not have the answer but what I know, it is that time presses to find imaginative means to keep our companies. One sees what the State of Tennessee can do. But there are other American States which are thirsty for employment”, warns David Chartrand.

He does not believe only the presence of trade unions in our factories influences the decisions of the multinationals. “It will be necessary that one realizes this. It is a range of subsidies which is played. Electrolux with Memphis, it is unfortunately only the point of the iceberg”, insists it.


Fonds de solidarité FTQ Delivers Solid Six Month Return of 5.0%

Michel Arsenault
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yvon Bolduc
President and CEO

Montréal, January 4, 2011 (6:00 p.m.) – Posting a six-month return of 5.0%, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ (the “Fonds”) is off to a solid start this year despite a still fragile, volatile and tenuous economic context. Net earnings for the period amounted to $366 million and share value is now $25.03, up $1.19 over the price published on July 5, bringing the Fonds’ 12-month return to its shareholders to 6.5%.

“Our over half a million shareholders can be proud of the Fonds’ very good work, which is reflected in the results of the past six months. The RRSP season is kicking off at time when Quebecers, who have a low savings rate, are still having a hard time setting money aside. The Fonds plays an important role by encouraging workers to save for retirement. With 30% in additional tax credits, the Fonds RRSP is accessible and worthwhile. Therefore, our teams and some 2,000 local representatives are hard at work encouraging workers, especially young people, to adopt good savings habits,” stated Fonds’ Chairman of the Board of Directors and FTQ President Michel Arsenault.

“Despite fragile economic context, the Fonds managed to achieve an overall return of 5.0% for the first half of its fiscal year. As a result of the stock market recovery and lower interest rates, our marketable securities generated a 6.9% return while our private equities portfolio, which invests in Québec companies, returned 4.9%. I’m very proud of what our employees have accomplished in the past six months. The work they do each and every day allows the Fonds to continue playing a key socio-economic role in Québec,” said Fonds’ President and CEO Yvon Bolduc.


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