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Electrolux in L’Assomption closes : 1300 members under choc

Reaction of the FTQ to the closing of the Electrolux factory in L'Assomption

“It is not true that we will give up the workers and their families without a fight,
Quebec must react quickly to save those jobs”

- Michel Arsenault, president of the QFL

Michel Arsenault
QFL President

Montreal, on Wednesday December 15, 2010 - the Quebec Federation of Labour QFL) deplores the decision of the Swedish company Electrolux to close its factory in L'Assomption. “This decision is all the more unjustified as the factory is profitable and its trained, qualified and powerful workers. The QFL requires to meet the Minister for Economic development and Innovation and of Export, Clément Gignac urgently, in order to prevent this closing”,  declared Michel Arsenault QFL President .

“The announcement of closing few days of Christmas is particularly odious and difficult to swallow for the workers and their families. We understand now why the American direction rejected during the last months all our suggestions to improve the production and competitiveness of the company. It is that Electrolux had already decided to close the factory and to transfer its production, according to our sources, in Memphis in Tennessee. It is afflicting on behalf of a multinational like Electrolux”, added David Chartrand, director of district 11 of the International association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW).

The QFL  also will require of the international Work Confederation, of which it is member, to make the pressures necessary to the head office of Electrolux in Sweden so that she reconsiders her decision. We do not have the right to give up the workers of this factory”, concluded Michel Arsenault.

vidéo circulates on YouTube where one can see the top-ranking executives announcing to the employees in anger that the factory will close its doors.

The QFL ask's is affiliiates to boycott Shell

“Seeing how this company is going with is people, there is not only one who walks as a highwayman”

Montreal, Tuesday November 30, 2010 - In margin of the Convention of the Federation of workers of Quebec (QFL), the delegates expressed their support for the trade unionists of the Trade union of Communications, Energy and Paper (CEP) of the Shell multinational to prevent the dismantling of the refinery in the east of Montreal.

“This closing will have important effects not only for the workers but also on the energy security of Quebec and the increased hydrocarbon circulation on the river. It is necessary to support this fight which relates to all the Inhabitants of Quebec”, supported Michel Arsenault.

“We should not let Shell do indirectly whatlaw prohibits him to do, by letting its installations of refining degrade itself with the favour of the cold season. The government must bring back this company to reason and to point out his obligations to him”, concluded the President of the QFL.

New collective agreement Local Lodge 1660 technical Association -Andritz

Yves Raymond


Joined together in special assembly, the members of the technical Association of Andritz accepted by a strong majority the employers' offers.

The 3 year collective agreement will give a wage increase of 4%, to which 4 increases connected to the cost of living will be added. On the whole for the 3 years the increase will add up nearly 6%.

Other important facts, the benefit of group insurance and of the retirement plan will be maintained for the duration of the agreement. The clause of evaluation to the output, which can bring a wage increase was also maintained

Congratulation to the negotiating committee

Marissa Petruzzo
Guy Lalande
Robert Pagé

The Machinists flag floats at the top of Kilimandjaro

Brother Michel Pelot Regional Assistant Director for District 140 reached with success the top of the Kilimandjaro for the profit of the Robert Piché Foundation . The goal was to raise $100,000

The trip was made from September 22 to October 6 2010.

The Robert Piché Foundation is an organization which comes to assistance to the people having developed a problem of dependence with alcohol, drugs, or gambling. The fundamental objective of the Foundation is to help its people to rehabilitate in a durable way by a social rehabilitation among the community

Itinerary of the ascent

Day 5 Moshi- Mti Mkubwa Camp:
After breakfast, departure for the national parc of Kilimandjaro. Enter by Londorossi Gate west of the mountain. Start of the ascent to Mti Mkubwa Camp thru tropical forest. (PD, D, S)

Day 6 Mti Mkubwa Camp - Shira Plateau Camp
At the beginning of the ascent, the forest makes place to the moors, where the plants are rarely asa big as shrubs. In the afeternoon, going across the Shira Caldera, a high desert plateau. Shira is the third volcanique cone shaped of Kilimandjaro, it is filled with lava being spilled from the top of Kibo. (PD, D, S)

Day 7 Shira Plateau Camp - Moir Camp Climb
In the morning, crossed large Shira plateau while passing by Shira Cathedral to the Moir camp, mask at the bottom of a large throat, the foot of a great lava flow
(PD, D, S)

Day 8 Moir Camp Climb-Barranco Camp
Ascent towards Washed Tower lower camp, with 14,950 feet (4,556 m), where the dinner will be taken. Descent through the giant forest of Senecio to the Barranco camp, with the foot of Barranco Wall. It is the point of meeting of the roads Machame and Lemosho. (PD, D, S)

Day 9 Barranco Camp-Karanga Camp
The challenge this morning is to make the ascent of Barranco Wall, a lava flow of 500 feet. Once on top of ripe, the easier ascent deviating and the sight are fantastic! Towards the end of the day, descent in the Valley Karanga and gone up other side to settle with the camp the sunsets at this place are marvellou.
(PD, D, S)

Day 10 Karanga Camp-Barafu Camp
One day of ascent on rock slopes to the Barafu camp. The word swahili “Barafu” results in " ice ". This place is also very windy and cold because of altitude. Febrility is in the air in anticipation of the following day and the attack of the top. (PD, D, S)

Day 11 Barafu Camp- Uhuru Peak (the top!) - Crater camp
Ascent to the crater, dinner on the edge of the crater and ascent until the top. The sight of the top is dramatic! The temperature and the effects of altitude will determine how long you will be able to remain on the top. Then, descent until the crater camp for the night, opposite Furtwangler Glacier.(PD, D, S)

Day 12 Crater camp-Mweka Camp
After breakfast, small ascent until Ashpit, where gauzes its tune proof that Kilimandjaro is a volcano which sleeps. Descent to the Mweka camp,,last night of camp-site in mountain. (PD, D, S)

Day 13 Mweka Camp-Moshi
Descent to Mweka Gate / Moshi Hotel (PD, D, S)

Michel Pelot
Regional Assistant Director
District 140

IAMAW members demonstrate outside CIRB offices in Ottawa

There was a strong showing on Monday October 4, 2010 outside the offices of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board in Ottawa (CIRB) by hundreds of members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) -- Air Canada employees who were seconded to Aveos Fleet Performance Inc.


Rally, October 4 2010

The colleagues and fellow-members of the local lodge 1751 working at Air Canada need our assistance. If you have the availability, you must take part… Tank you!

Rally in Ottawa

Following the meeting of September 20, 2010 in Toronto, the Canadian Council of the labour relations finally confirmed dates of audiences about the declaration of the sale of company in Aveos Fleet Performance Inc. On September 29, 2010 an audience will take place at10am at the office of the Canadian Council of the labour relations of Toronto, # 1 Face Street West, 5th stage suite 5400, Toronto Ontario. On October 4, 5 and 6, the audiences will take place at the office centers the Canadian Council of the labour relations at10am to the 240 Sparks Street in Ottawa Ontario.On October 4, 2010, the local lodge of the AIMTA of Montreal will provide transport by bus to all the people who wish to support us in our claims at the time of the audiences to the CCRI. For some of our members, this is perhaps the ultimate combat concerning their future with Air Canada.

For information: Local section 1751 (514-332-2668)
District 11 (514-956-1578)

Machinists in action… Ahead brave men!

Thanks to you the “QMC” raises to the task!

At the time of the convention of the Machinists Council, the participants launched a task to the new direction.
“Organize educational and interesting meetings and we will take part”!

The executive committee raised to the task… We chose to widen the meetings with all the groups of people interested by the subjects which we will propose.

Topic of the first meeting: 50% of our members are likely to live a family conflict at the court of their working life.

We widened our invitation with helping natural in the work environment “PAE, social, delegates etc”.

You answered! 35 participants, a first and a success… Our guest lecturer, Me Nancy Provencher specialized in the family rights, was bowled by the interest and the participation. Your comments are positive, “IT WORKS”.

It is only a beginning and we will polish, improve and diversify this style of meeting.

“the QMC wants to be the organization to gather all the Machinists of Quebec. With your assistance we will reach that point and already you have made the proof.”

One last word to conclude « THANK YOU ».
David Chartrand


The IAMAW is pleased to announce its 2011 Scholarship Competition which offers renewable awards each year: Awards to members are
$2,000. per academic year. They are granted for a specific period from one to four years to enable the member to earn a Bachelor’s degree or a two-year vocational/technical certification.

Awards to children of members are: College- $1,000 per academic year. All awards are renewed each year until a Bachelor’s degree is obtained up to a maximum of four years. Vocational/technical school - $2,000 per year until certification is reached up to a maximum of two years. An eligible applicant must be an IAM member or the son, daughter, stepchild or legally adopted child of an IAM member. A member applicant must have two years of continuous good-standing membership through the closing date of the competition, which is February 25, 2011. The 2011 - IAM Scholarship competition information form is available on the Local Lodge 1660 website and at the:

Section Locale 1660 / Local Lodge 1660
, 2e Av. Lachine, Qc.
H8S 2T3
Tel: (514) 637-3031

You must first complete the request and mail to Grand Lodge at the address mentioned on the form. The deadline for returning your application form back to Grand Lodge is February 25, 2011.The Local Lodge 1660 annually contributes in the IAM Scholarship Fund. We encourage our members to apply and wish them the best of luck.

Clarification: on the compulsory votes on certification applications

Dear Sisters:
Dear Brothers:

As you may have read in both French and English newspapers from Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke, analysts at the Montreal Economic Institute claim, on democratic grounds, that compulsory votes must be held on certification applications (requests to unionize) to confirm the intention of the concerned workers.

Who is in agreement with this claim? Well, the Employers’ Council (whose former president now heads the Montreal Economic Institute), the Quebec Young Liberals at their latest convention, and the youth wing of the ADQ at its latest convention. They now all feel legitimized by a recent poll that would support their views.
Gilles Brosseau
Quebec coordinator

Under the oft used cover of sacred democracy, they claim that 71% of the population agrees with this because “it’s democratic” and—even more surprising—80% of unionized workers would also be in agreement. I would really like to know how pollsters asked the question!

But since when are employers preoccupied with democracy in their workplaces?

The Union is the only player that can bring democracy to the workplace, and that’s what really scares employers!

At first glance, the argument obviously appears founded because it’s democratic and who would dare speak up against a democratic vote.

But in reality, none of this is true.

The vast majority of union members have never had to fight for the right to unionize and have never participated in an organizing drive.

At the recognition dinner organized by Local Union 869 in spring 2009, homage was paid to those who played a role in organizing Rolls Royce Canada. Homage was paid to their COURAGE, the courage to stand up to the employer, with all of its associated risks, the courage to stand up to their colleagues who were anti-union, and the courage to gain respect regardless of the personal consequences of their actions.

In 2009, organizing drives are still carried out in secret, as if it was still illegal today to unionize. Why is this so?

It’s because workers are still to this day discharged for exercising their right to organize. When an employer cannot justify discharges on disciplinary grounds, workers often end up isolated, spied on and subtly threatened. It’s because employers use villainous means to de-motivate those workers who seek only to be respected. They will not hesitate to place anonymous phone calls to workers’ spouses to presumably announce the abolition of their employment or the closure of the plant or office.

Those of you who attended the last convention of the QFL in Quebec City had the opportunity to hear of such examples during a 90-minute presentation. Think of Messier Dowty in Mirabel or Walmart in Saguenay.

Why is the right to organize perceived as a disadvantage for Quebec companies competing on the international stage? Are things that bad in Quebec?

No, that is not the reason.

The reason is very simple. These companies are anti-union to the core. They are against giving their workers the right to respect, free bargaining and compliance with labour laws and standards. Things are so much easier for employers when they do not have to worry about unions, arbitration, bargaining and when they are given free reign to implement inadequate occupational health and safety committees with poorly trained workers and unlimited managerial rights.

Why do they seek to make certification votes compulsory?

Because, should a certification application be filed and a vote be held one week or two after the filing of the application, it gives them the opportunity to speak to THEIR employees 8, 12 or 16 hours a day and explain to them—with the help of their lawyers—that unionization is risky business, that the company could shut down or move to another province or country. Threats can be made to fire union activists, to create dissension, mistrust, fear, whistle blowing and worry among employees and their families in turn.

There is a single goal: to maintain total control over workers’ lives.

I urge you to discuss this during your union meetings, regardless of where they are held, to explain to those you know, your family members and children why the current certification system is fully adequate.

The current process is highly democratic because it requires an actual majority (50% + 1) of workers concerned rather than a simple majority of those who exercised their right to vote.

If you want to know more, ask those who participated in organizing their workplace or were active in organizing drives.

In fraternity,

Gilles Brosseau
Quebec coordinator, IAMAW

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The world Walk of women, an irreversible movement

Born in 2000 on the initiative of the Federation of women from Quebec, the world Walk of women quickly became a world movement impossible to circumvent. Million women, throughout the world, went against poverty and violence at the time of the first and the 2nd edition of international actions, in 2000 and 2005. In 2010, the world Walk of women rejoins some 4500 groups coming from 150 different countries and territories.




Help build support for the 2012 Grand Lodge Convention in Toronto, Canada.
Tickets available soon from your District-11or Local Lodge.

The great Mexican seduction

Interview of David Chartrand to Paul Houde of 98.5


Contract by the Government of Canada to purchase the F-35

``Lets assure ourselves that Quebec will obtain the maintenance of the F-35`` David Chartrand


Rally August 2010

In front of a hundred members of the Trade union of the Machinists, the President of
the Quebec Machists Council David Chartrand requests from the governments s' to imply to attract investors in Canada and Quebec in the field of aerospace, as the Mexicans do it. He added he will continue the fight at all levels to keep our jobs and to ensure a future of our children

Our Governments Failing to Promote Canadian Aerospace!

Montréal, QC – Members of The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers will take to the streets of Montréal at 11:30 am this morning to protest the lack of support for Canada’s aerospace industry by federal and provincial governments.

The focal point of the protest will be the Mexico Now aerospace symposium at the Marriot Hotel in Dorval, sponsored by the Mexican government. “This symposium is a clear example of what’s wrong in our industry today,” explained IAMAW District 11 Directing Business Representative Dave Chartrand. “While Mexico comes into our backyard to promote its own aerospace industry - inviting Canadian aerospace firms to move their facilities south of the border – our governments sit of their hands and do nothing.”

“It’s a question of survival for the aerospace industry in Quebec,” said Chartrand. “Bombardier already has facilities in Mexico and it doesn’t take much imagination to think that other Canadian firms won’t benefit from the tax incentives and cheap labour that Mexico offers.” More than 45,000 workers are employed in the aerospace industry in the Montréal area including 13,000 Machinists members at companies such as Bombardier, Rolls Royce and Messier Dowty.

“I have nothing against the Mexicans trying to promote their industry but not at our expense. We will demonstrate our competence, our expertise and our willingness to fight for our jobs and our industry,” declared Chartrand. “I have only one question for our governments, why aren’t they conducting trade symposiums like this in other countries to bring more aerospace companies to Quebec and Canada.”

For further information:
David Chartrand – IAMAW District 11 Directing Business Representative
Bill Trbovich – IAMAW Director of Communications
416-386-1789 ext# 6331/416-735-9765


Date: August 26 2010
Time: 11:00 am
Date: 26 Aout 2010
Heure: 11:00
Gathering: Place Côte Vertu shopping center Corner Beaulac and Côte Vertu (parking of shopping mall), near Zellers.


The Quebec Machinists Council anxious of “great the Mexican seduction”

The industry of the aeronautics of Mexico, whose size has tripled in five years and who ambitionne to assemble planes to compete with Seattle, Toulouse, Sao Paulo and Montreal, is in full period of “recruitment” to attract Quebeckers and American manufacturers.

Two events under the Mexiconow topic, presenting the tax incentives and economic to be established in this country of Latin America, will take place on August 24 (in Texas) and August 26 (in Dorval).

That highly worries for the president of Quebec Machinists Council (14 000 workers) and director for the IAMAW-QFL District 11, Dave Chartrand. He promises himself to present himself to this “conference” in company of a group of Quebeckers Machinists to launch a message… to the governments of Quebec and Ottawa

“Our governments remain the arms crosseds”

“While Mexico makes the promotion of its industry and tries to bribe our companies to encourage them to invest in its country, our governments remain the arms crosseds. We have the impression that nobody, both in Ottawa and in Quebec, takes care in our interests to give more muscle to our industry and to attract companies from abroad”, entrusts the trade unionist in interview to RueFrontenac.

According to him, it is necessary to take “seriously” the ambitions of Mexico to become a player of gauge in the industry of the aeronautics dominated by the giants Boeing (in Seattle), Airbus (in Toulouse) and Bombardier (in Dorval, St. Laurent and Mirabel, where one must assemble the planes of CSeries), without forgetting the Embraer giant (in Sao Paulo).

Mexico is still far behind the group, but its progression is astonishing.

“Between 2004 and 2009, the number of companies evolving/moving in this industry passed from 100 to 300, and Mexico wishes to assemble planes, of A to Z, while misant on the low costs of production and the wages ridiculously low granted the workers”, notes it.

Attempt the Mexican experience

Bombardier Aéronautique belongs to the giants of industry to try the “Mexican experiment”. The avionnery has installations with Quérétaro, in the north of Mexico City, as well as Cessna, Honeywell, GE, Textron and Pratt & Whitney.

“Of other manufacturers of our industry could imitate Bombardier to benefit from the tax incentives and the Mexican cheap labor if one does nothing to retain them. We built in Quebec, in particular in the area of Montreal, an industry of foreground (with 45 000 employment, including 13 000 at Aeronautical Bombardier), and we must continue to feed it by there grafting new players who come besides”, insists Dave Chartrand.

He wishes to see the governments “praising competences and the expertise” on the industry of Quebec aeronautics.

“It is not normal to let Mexico come to play in our court to try to bribe our own companies in a great seduction, the purpose of which is to only transfer from the uses of quality, remunerated well. The wages practised on our premises are raised and one would not have that becomes an argument to transfer part of the production abroad”, makes a point of specifying the president of the trade union.

David Chartrand President
Quebec Machinists Council

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Record Net Earnings Push Share Value Up 9.5% and Shareholder Base Reaches New High
Montréal, July 5, 2010 - For the fiscal year ended May 31, 2010, the owner shareholders of the Fonds de solidarité FTQ (the “Fund”) saw their share value rise 9.5% to $23.84, an increase of $2.06 over July 2009 and $0.33 over January 2010. Net earnings set a new record at $600 million, and net assets reached $7.3 billion.

“This is a great performance,” said Fund Chairman and FTQ President Michel Arsenault. “First, we now have 577,511 shareholders, a record high that shows just how much faith Quebecers have in the Fund. Second, we issued $660 million in shares, an increase over last year. And third, the Fund continues to demonstrate tremendous discipline, trimming its operating expense ratio by 0.2% from last year, bringing it down to 1.5%.”

“Thanks to dynamic management of our development capital portfolio and a solid performance by our private partners, we achieved an 11.0% return for this sector, which is our core business. Our marketable securities portfolio, which seeks to ensure that our assets are well diversified, returned 11.2%, fuelled by the rebound in the stock markets and reduction in credit spreads. We are very satisfied with this year’s performance, which positions the Fund as an indispensable growth lever for businesses,” affirmed Fund President and CEO Yvon Bolduc. “The professionals at the Fund and at our regional and local funds supported close to 300 companies this past year, and with the $501 million we invested in 2009-2010, we are still the largest purveyor of development capital in Québec,” added Mr. Bolduc.

A RRSP that pays off
At a time when Quebecers are saving less and less every year, the Fund’s mission is more relevant than ever. The Fund is pleased to be able to count on the unwavering commitment of close to 2,050 local representatives, who show workers that the Fund RRSP is an interesting and profitable retirement savings product. For instance, when the tax credits are factored in, a Fund shareholder who has invested the same amount each year by way of payroll deduction earned a compounded annual return of 11.5% over 7 years and 7.8% over 10 years.
Compounded annual return when tax credits are factored in.*
*Does not take into account RRSP tax deductions.

Québec’s leading investor of venture and development capital
This past fiscal year, 71 new partners joined the Fund and its network of regional Funds. True to its mission to back SME growth, more than 82% of Fund’s and regional Funds’ partner companies have fewer than 100 employees. Together with its entire network, the Fund has 2,052 partner companies that have helped create, maintain and preserve nearly 181,000 jobs in Québec.

Consolidating the activities of Québec’s flagship companies
During this last fiscal year, a number of SMEs consolidated their activities by making strategic acquisitions with the Fund’s backing. Totalling $123 million, these types of investments included $30.8 million in Stella-Jones, a company that produces, among other things, railway ties, to acquire a U.S. company. GLV, an international provider of technological solutions used in water treatment, secured $38.5 million from the Fund for a major deal involving the acquisition of an Austrian company. Specializing in agriculture and horticulture, industrial equipment and environmental technology, Premier Tech purchased an Ontario company with $10 million from the Fund, while Groupe Bermex was able to take a majority stake in Shermag thanks to a $6 million investment from the Fund.

Flexible business solutions
In response to the issues confronting SMEs, the Fund and the 16 regional Solidarity Funds have developed financing products tailored to their needs. For instance, the Competitiveness Loan, with its optional single end-of-term repayment, is an extremely flexible solution. This past year, sawmill Scierie Dion & Fils took advantage of this type of loan, borrowing $8 million to boost productivity and buy equipment to set up new equipment. For their part, the regional funds developed two new solutions – the Stabilization Loan and the Performance Loan – both of which offer a reduced interest rate tied to the achievement of business objectives.

Energizing the wood and furniture industry
In a bid to preserve jobs in a still fragile sector, the Fund injected $68 million into the wood and furniture sector in 2009-2010, including $15 million to allow Fortress Paper to reopen the Thurso pulp mill and recall nearly 300 employees, and $5.5 million in the expansion projects of Foliot Management, a company that builds furniture for student dormitories.

The Fund also backed the forestry industry through
Solifor (Société de gestion d’actifs forestiers Solifor s.e.c.), which picked up three new properties. Created by the Fund and capitalized with $150 million, this investment fund owns 157,000 hectares of forestland. Its mandate is to finance the purchase of forest properties, to keep their ownership in Québec, and to ensure they are developed in a sustainable manner.

Year ended May 31, 2010
Year ended May 31, 2009
Net assets (in $ millions )
Revenues (in $ millions )
Net earnings (loss) (in $ millions )
Fund Return
Net assets per share (in $)
Change in share value


The members of the technical Association of Metso Minerals decided in favour of the employers' offer

The projecting points of the new agreement are:

Improvement of the premiums to $1.10 for the evening shift and $1.35 for the night shift.

Safety shoes paid at a 100%

IPC (Cola) twice per year with an improvement (rise) on the level of the rate (0.066 instead of 0.135)

Wage increase: 0%; 1.0% and 1.5%

Duration of the collective agreement: October 1st 2009 to September 30 2012

Upholding and improvement of the Mode of retirement. Raise payment for long state of service to 10$, number of payment passes to 120, improvement of the percentage for revenue to the surviving spouse

Addition of a 5th floating day

Yves Raymond
Business Rep.

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The members of local section 1660 accept offers of the new purchaser Metso Minerals

The members brought together in assembly accepted the offers of the employers'.

'' Many modifications were brought forward in the collective agreement at this negotiation to reflect the new product that our members will have to produce in the futur`` said Denis Longtin Business representative.

Metso Minerals is the purchaser of part of the G.E. Hydro factory which manufactures parts for the mining sector.

The discussions concentrated mainly on the reorganization of work and the contents of certain occupations.

Although disappointed by the wage increase, our members took into account the current economic situation and nevertheless accepted the offers of the Employer in a proportion of 80%. They took into account the other improvements such as maintain of benefits, mode of retirement, adjustment of cost of life.> > explain Denis Longtin Businees represntative

A wage increase of 2.5% will be distributed over three years.

Other improvement to be underlined is the article concerning the payment and vacation taken for members on sick leave or on working accident and one additional day.

In conclusion Denis Longtin Business representative wants to thank the members of the committee for their work during this negotiation and time they devoted to it.

(See photo)

Montreal accepts and Quebec rejets the offers of Avery Weigh-Tronix


Members of Local Lodge 1660 Workshop - Montreal accepted at 58% a new Collective agreement of a duration of one year with Avery Weigh-Tronix.

Gains obtained:

Safety shoes: from 150 $ to 160 $ (+ 10 $);

Glasses: 100%, maximum of 600 $ (+ 350 $);

Employers' Contribution to the group insurance: passes from 28 $ to 30 $ per month (+ 2 $);

Forecast to pay bank holidays if they occur in the thirty (30) days of the
lay off (recovery)


On the other hand the members of Avery Weigh-Tronix - Service - Quebec rejected the employers' offer at 100%, and voted in favour of the strike at 100%.

Point of contention:

Wage Parity with the fellow-members of Montreal

Yves Raymond
Business representative

IAMAW Blood Donor Clinic: a success!

On March 19, the IAMAW held its 4th Blood Clinic in collaboration with Héma-Québec.

Contrary to past years, the Blood Clinic was held one day only at the Place Vertu Shopping Center in St. Laurent.

That day was a success, since there was a total of 140 donors! Each blood donation can help up to 4 people; which means that 560 patients will receive blood products thanks to generous donors who have at heart the well-being of unfortunate people.

We would like to point out the participation of many volunteers, among which members from local lodges 1751, 712, 1660 and 869, as well as the unquestioning support of District 11.

We would like for this social and humane activity to become an annual event to show the significant implication of the labour movement in our society.

Thanks again to all those who participated directly or indirectly to this annual event.

Denis Yelle                                              Robert Savoie
EAP National                                          Coordinator Organizer
District 140                                              District 140

International day of workers


Denis Longtin
(514) 956-1578

Every year on the month of May, the International day of workers is underlined by a walk on the streets of Montréal, Organised by the Regional Montréal Métropolitain Council QFL.

When: Friday May 1st

Where: Préfontaine parc (near Préfontaine métro)

Time: 6:30pm

The Québec Machinist Council as reserved a bus to transport the members who desires to participate at this walk.

For information: Denis Longtin
(Public relations Director of the Council) (514) 956-1578

Reserve your seats as soon as possible, limited places

National Day of Mourning, April 28 Watch in front of the Québec National Assembly

of April 9th, 2009.

A rally will be held at the Québec National Assembly starting at 0 h 01 on April 28 to remember the lost of our brothers and sisters dead in their working place and also to denounce the laxity of the employers and the government on the prevention of professional injuries. Will be followed by a press conference by the leaders of the QFL. The activity should be finished around 10 h, April 28 2009.

The Montreal metropolitan regional Council QFL invites you for 11:45pm in front of the QFL tour at 565, Crémazie boulevard East in Montréal, on the night of April 27 to 28.

Use the bus or metro to come the QFL tour. The Crémazie station is at a short walk of the QFL.

Two buses will be available to go Québec so that we can join the other demonstrators of the region that will already be on site at midnight. To join this activity, you must subscribe as soon as possible, by calling the Council at 514 387-3666. The limite to subscribe is Thursday April 23 2009 at 5:00pm.

We wish to see you in great numbers.

The members of Local Lodge 1660 extend agreement with Dominion Sample

At a general meeting held Thursday Mars 12 2009, the members working at Dominion Sample accepted at 62% the employers offer to extend the collective agreement of 3 years and de letter of agreement on the complementary work force.

The contract is for a duration of 5 years and includes wage increase of 16.5% for the duration of the agreement.

Bonus of reopening the Collective agreement is by seniority.

20 years and over $400

10 years to 19 years $250

5 years to 9 years $150

1 year to 4 years $100

A premium of fidelity of $100 is added at the anniversary of the signature in 2011.

Complementary work force

A floor of permanent positions is increased at 70 members and becomes the basic personal as established at appendix 5.

The employer will be able to use a maximum of 40% of the complementary work force the 1st year, after a maximum will be established at 35%. This work force will be unionized.

"This agreement is fonction of the creation of positions and the acquisition and installations of new production equipment and the enlargement of the actual floor space." told us Pierre Brisebois Business representative.

This new agreement is necessary to maintain and create jobs in Québec.

We would like to thank the negotiating committee for their excellent work Gloria - Oscar - Richard

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The NAFTA Shuffle

Nearly 15 years after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) became law, the global recession is exposing a new dimension of the controversial trade accord.

High unemployment is on the march in Mexico, where manufacturing companies are moving abroad in search of lower costs and even cheaper labour. Sound familiar?

Recent statistics show the Mexican economy in tatters, with auto and manufacturing workers suffering a fate not unlike Canadian and U.S. workers who saw tens of thousands of their jobs fly south in the wake of NAFTA.

More than a half-million Mexican workers lost manufacturing jobs since November 2008, as the official unemployment rate climbed to 4.3 percent. The actual unemployment rate is much higher, as the Mexican government counts anyone working even one hour a week as being employed.

With Canadian and U.S. unemployment hitting record highs each month, Canadian and U.S. workers may be slow to sympathize with Mexican workers losing jobs that were once performed north of their border, but workers in all of North America now share something besides a similar former occupation: They’re all casualties of NAFTA.

The migration of Canadian and U.S. manufacturing jobs to Mexico was initially touted as necessary to jump start the development of new industries in all three countries. But with corporations now looking beyond Mexico to China, South Korea and Indonesia, it’s increasingly clear that whatever NAFTA may give, NAFTA can also take away.

As the years pass and workers in one country after another feel the pain of NAFTA, the question to ask is not who’s losing, but is anyone really winning?

Stop buying le journal get the news on the site: ruefrontenac.com For updated news

As you Know by now, le Journal de Montréal as locked-out is workers.
The workers have created a web site that gives the same information as the Journal de Montréal, the same as they were doing when they were working at le Journal, with the same professionnalisme.

Instead of buying le Journal de Montréal to get the daily news, go and get your free information on the site ruefrontenac.com.

You will get all the news free. This gesture will show our support to those workers.

253 members of the information workers union of the Journal de Montréal on the street

As you now know, the King of lock-outs (13 lock-out in 14 years), Pierre K. Péladeau, as thrown on the street 253 members of the information workers union of the Journal de Montréal, as he as done with the workers of

Vidéotron (SCFP-FTQ) and recently, with those of the Journal de Québec (SCFP-FTQ); those conflicts lasted over a year each.

Vidéotron is presently in negotiation and we have to watch out for Péladeau that the only way he knows how to negotiate is by a lock-out. We have interest to unite our forces and fight together this despicable employer. The CSN and other unions supported us in the Petro-Canada lock-out, it is now our turn to have solidarity.

The Directing office of the Council invites you to take these mesures :

• Stop buying the Journal de Montréal;
• Cancel subscription toi the news paper;
• Stop buying adds or any kind of publicity;
• Refuse to give interviews or tolerate representatives of the Journal de Montréal, of Canoë or of 24 heures to your presse conferences;
• Refuse to give interviews to columnists that keep on collaborating with the news paper (Martineau, Facal, etc.);
• To publicise this conflict around.

We have learned with the conflicts at Vidéotron, Journal de Québec and Petro-Canada, the only way to win against those financial empires, is that all the unionized members stick together to win the fight.

The members of Local Lodge 1660 accept new agreement with ABB Lachine

December 2008,

The members of Local Lodge 1660 were called in an extraordinary meeting to vote on ABB Lachine offers

After presentation and explanation by the negotiating committee of the employers offers, the members were called upon to vote by secret ballot on those offers.

The members accepted by a margin of 88% the new agreement.

The important changes in the collective agreement:

A 3 year agreement

Wage increase of 3% per year which is 9% for the duration of the agreement

Signature bonus

New classification ``Fitter``

Creation of a summer schedule

3 sickness day paid at 80% (If days not used days will be paid at 130%)

Congratulation to the negotiating committee for their work..

Machinists present at rally to support the coalition at the federal level

December 6 2008

Many unionists and the machinists were present at the rally to support the coalition between Libéral party, NPD and supported by the Bloc Québécois to replace Harper's government (Conservator) after is speech on economy in parlament.

The 3 parties concluded an agreement to have a stabile parliament in Canada and to take care in priority of the economic crises that is feeling Canadians and it could get worst in the next months ahead.

The IAMAW canadian General Vice-president Dave Ritchie asks that all the machinists support this coalition for the welfare of working canadians.


Coalition government

November 30, 2008

To: Canadian Locals and Staff
From: Dave Ritchie, GVP

After pushing an early $300 million election on Canadians this October, the Harper Conservatives have shown that they are incapable of governing. Instead of focusing on the needs of Canadians, reversing our economic decline, stimulating our economy and creating jobs, the Harper Conservatives have come forward with a cynical and partisan attack on workers and communities.

In response, there is a strong possibility that the minority Conservatives will be defeated in a confidence vote on December 8. A new coalition government would then be formed by the Liberals and New Democrats, with Bloc Quebecois support. This coalition, representing a majority of Canadians, is an opportunity to deal with the crisis and take back our government.

The Conservatives will no doubt mount a desperate campaign to cling to power. Over the next week, the Canadian Labour Congress will join with many other groups to mobilize support for the Coalition. There will be rallies in major centres, a public awareness campaign, and programs to ensure that Members of Parliament understand where the Canadian people stand.

I am asking you to assist in mobilizing IAM members to participate in this campaign to secure our future. The Canadian Office will be sending out more information in the next couple of days.

I look forward to your support and full participation.

Dave Ritchie, GVP

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A meeting was held on October 28 2008. The subject of the day was:

The reform of the Quebec pension plan.

As I said in my last report, the Quebec government wants to present a project to reform the Quebec pension plan (R.R.Q). Two objective where aimed.

The first is an increase of the percentage of the contribution and the second a reduction of benefice.

To follow the project of reform, la Régie des rentes du Québec is having private consultations with all of the participants in the circle of employers, financial and union. The unions, as the QFL were invited to a meting on October 27 to give their point of view on the proposed in the consulting document of 69 pages, entitled « Vers un Régime de rentes du Québec renforcé et plus équitable » that we can consult on the R.R.Q web site. http://www.rrq.gouv.qc.ca/NR/rdonlyres/1AA39F77-4714-4795-A3F8-7B13F8B268E0/0/consultation_2008.pdf

In brief, the document propose fifteen changes of solutions that you can find at page 53 of the document, here are the principals :

• La Régie wants to fill a gap of 0,8%. to do so, it proposes: first increase the contribution from 9,9% to 10,4% starting 2011, at the rate of 0,1% per year, for a total increase of 0,5 point of pourcentage and secondly decrease the benefice of 0,3%

• Change the calculation of the retirement annuity that will drive a maximum lost of 10% for a total of 40% for those who take their retirement at 60. Presently the penalty is 6% per year for a maximum of 30%.

• On the other hand la Régie would eliminate the condition of stoppage of work to be able to ask is annuity before 65, that means, to allow workers to ask their annuity of retirement before 65 , wile staying at work for the same employer without agreement of progressive retirement.

• Increase the retirement annuity of 0,5% to 0,7% per month for each person that differs is retirement over 65.

• Eliminate the definition of invalidity for the subscriber aged between 60 to 64 that means incapable to occupy is normal work, to replace by a total invalidity.

Maybe we will know the next step after the election.

For more information : lgiuliani@iamaw.org

L. Giuliani, IAMAW Auditor

Thursday october 8 2008,
Called in a general meeting, the members of Local Lodge 1660 accepted the last Robco offer by a margin of 78%.

The collective agreement will be of a duration of 5 years and includes a wage increase of 3% per year, retroactive to February 1st 2008.

More than the wage increase here are other gains obtained in this negotiation:

- Improvements in the grievance procedures

- Prevision on health and safety

- The hiring rate is now $11.00 hres

- Allocation for meals passed from $10.30 to $14.50 spread out during the duration of the collective agreement.

- The team premium as also improved with an increase of $0.10 hre.

- A provision of remoteness was added to the mourning holiday, a paid day and a possibility to transfer a day or days for activity related to the mourning.

- Life insurance was doubled at $36,000.

The members supported massively the negotiating committee.

After having rejected the first proposition in the same proportion the members recognised the great work of their negotiating committee, Oscar Moscayza and Alain Massé, by ratifying the employers proposition.

Well done to the negotiating committee for their fine work.
Well done to the members for their great support.

September 2 2008

The members of Local Lodge 1660 rejected the Robco compagnies offer.

The members rejected the 5 year offer after explanations and discussions

The meeting was held in all respect and calm.

It is with a majority vote of 75 % that the employers offer was rejected.

The parties should meet again to try and resolve the matter.

Sigh of relief for the 450 unionized workers of the IAMAW at GE Hydro, in Lachine : the company, had planned to close is doors at the end of June, was sold to a austro-finn group and are ready to continue the manufacturing activities.

« It is a happy conclusion », recognized yesterday the union business representative in the case, Denis Longtin.

GE Hydro had announced the union on September 2007, their project to close the turbine factory near the highway 20.

However in the last weeks, the union was told that negotiations with potential buyers were positive.

Finally two buyers concluded the transaction with GE Hydro -Andritz Va Tech Hydro (Austria) and Metso (Finland).

The factory will specialize in the manufacturing of crushers and crushing cylinders for the mining industry.

« The new owners have met with the workers. WE have learned that Metso will take care of the factory, meanwhile Andritz will concentrate in the laboratory and research and development », as declared Denis Longtin, business representative of the (IAMAW-QFL) District 11 of the Machinists union.

30 $ hourly wages

The workers paid up to 30 $ hourly - have an average of 45 year old.

« They are good jobs. we expect the new owners give a new energy to the old building (the factory was built in Lachine over 89 years ago», said the union leader.

The terms of the agreement between GE Hydro and the new owners are kept confidential. the transaction should be finalized at 100% by the end of August.

Lets recall GE Hydro had announced to is employees, 250 in the factory, that it would cease is activities after the expiration of the contracts of hydroelectric turbines..


GE Hydro, is own by the American group General Electric, produced over 50 % of the turbines for Hydro-Québec, for the bay James dam.

The factory also constructed hydroelectric turbines for China ( the central of Trois-Gorges) and California.

The business representative Denis Longtin said, «its in part the decision of Hydro-Québec to do business with Brasil and Mexico (for the turbines that caused the lost of the factory in Lachine».

« We could question the attitude of Hydro-Québec that is state-owned that deals with Brazil, when our factories have all sort of difficullties», as concluded the union leader

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Friday June 6 2008

The members of Local Lodge 1660 accepted the offers of Metso de St-Laurent.

The new collective agreement will be of a duration of 4 years with wages increase over 11%.

More , Denis Longtin Business representative mentioned that the members had other gains. Her are some gains obtained in this negotiation:

Increase in benefices when lay off

Increase in teams premium


April 30 2008.
The members of Local Lodge 1660 met in an extraordinary assembly to vote on ABB St-Laurent considered as final.

After explications by business representative Alain Rouleau the changes inserted in the new offer, the members where called to vote.

The offer was accepted by a great majority of the members.

The gains won:

3 year contract: increase of wages of 3% per year for a total of 9% the duration of the collective agreement.
Vacations: 20 days holiday after 9 years of services. No more shutdowns. The members will have to chose 2 weeks consecutive and the excess of days left if any could be taken one day at a time.
Working schedules: The members will start 10 minutes earlier.
Banked hours : 40 hours concurrent. Could be taken 8 or 4 hours at a time.
Increase of meal compensation.
Increase of lay off compensation.1 week 1/2 of the basic rate for every year service for a total closing or partial (new).

Avril 2 2008
The members of Local Lodge 1660 met in a general meeting to pronounce themselves on ABB St-Laurent offers.

The negotiating committee is composed of:
Alain Rouleau Business representative
Ginette Dugas President of the shop committee
Alain Bellefeuille shop delegate

Alain Rouleau passed the proposition article by article explaining to the members the changes to the new proposed collective agreement.

After a period of questions, the members voted on the employers offers.

The members decided to reject those offers unanimously (100%)

The points in dispute:

No back time provided
New calculation for overtime
Cut back on percentage of payment on health care
The committee will meet in a few days with the representatives of the employer to try to get an agreement.




WHEN: MAY 3rd 2008



Lets us be in great number to show our government that we want
to keep our public health care.

Invite your family and friends to join us.


Don't let GE Hydro move 240 jobs to Brazil

The management of GE Hydro, a subsidiary of the multinational General Electric, has decided to move its hydro-electric equipment manufacturing operations and its research laboratory to Brazil.

Please send an email to your federal representative, as well as the leaders of the Québec Liberals, Parti Québecois, and the ADQ.


Stop buying gaz at Pétro Canada

Montréal, November 26 2007.

The company Pétro Canada ¨Montreal's¨ refinery as put 260 brothers and sisters members of SCEP-FTQ Local Lodge 175 in lock-out,

Pétro Canada persecute to break the (pattern) established by the SCEP in the industrie (on the duration of the collective agreement, the wages increase and the team premium)
Pétro Canada wants to take the union rights acquired to the representative of health and safety and dose of the union President.
Pétro Canada wants to impose a formation program excessively fast without thinking of security, at the end a worker could lose is job if he fails one or the other steps of this program.
Pétro Canada wants to permit transfers of personnel when he wants.
Pétro Canada wants to reduce the rights of workers in regards to working and schedules and assignments.
Pétro Canada refuses all union demand
The workers are determined to resist to this stage to Pétro Canada


In solidarity with the members of C=SCEP-FTQ Local Lodge 175

Closing of the GE plant in Lachine
In video, the reaction of Claude Dauphin who is a mayor of the Lachine borough where we find the factory.


Wednesday May 2 2007 in a general meeting members of Local Lodge1660 accepted the offers of Dominion Sample.

Here are the major points of this 5 year agreement.

10 people will progress to a higher classification

A 0.75$ hourly premium for 3rd shift workers

A new working relation committee was formed to settle complaints and harassment issues

5 week vacation for people having 21 years and over of seniority

A 5 year agreement increase wages of 4% - 3.50% - 3% - 3% - 3% (full retroactivity)

Back to top

A new collective agreement for the members of Local Lodge 1660 working at Weigh-Tronix (shop)

The members accepted, by a vote of (75%), the employers proposition for the renewal of the collective agreement The new collective agreement provides:Wage increase of 2.5% for each of the two year agreement. The amount of purchasing safety shoes and safety glasses were increases.

An important provision was negotiated concerning payment to the long term collective insurance or members lay off for a duration of 24 months. The employer will pay is part as long as the members maintain theirs.

Increase Lead hand premium also added premium for supervisor of welding and automatic machine operators'. Last improvement, the employer will purchase winter coats for members working on lifts and working in the yard.

Congratulation to the committee!

Demonstration in support of Goodyear employees

The Machinists and other Unions were present at the demonstration of support for the workers of Goodyear organised by the QFL Saturday February 3rd, 2007 at Sauve Park in Valleyfield.

The goal of the demonstration was to protest against the plant closure and to assert a claim for a relaunch plan to save the 800 jobs.

The assembly was followed by a march through the streets of the city. We all wanted to demonstrate a show of solidarity, since none of us are safe from such decisions. We only have to think of the transfer of work of Bombardier to Mexico, or the intention of Air Canada to transfer the maintenance of its’ Airbuses to South America, or of G.E. workers confronted by Chinese competition, etc.

( See photo )

General Electric sells its Lachine plant
See the link to the newspaper the Messager Lachine Dorval

Congratulations to Cedric Poulin who becomes the new Local Lodge Recording-Secretary, elected by acclamation during the regular meeting of Tuesday, September 19th.

The IAMAW is pleased to announce its 2007 Scholarship Competition which offers renewable awards each year:

The technical personel of G.E. Hydro have decided to join the ranks of Local 1660, who represent the members in the plant, as well as the Security Guards. Well wish them a hearty welcome into the ranks of Local Lodge 1660.

On August 31st, Local Lodge 2133 merged with our Local Lodge, which represents the 48 employees of Peerless Electric. We wish them welcome to Local 1660.

(See photo)

Resignation of our Recording-Secretary To all members interested in a position of Recording-Secretary, we currently have the position available due to the resignation of our Recording-Secretary. For more information, contact the Local Lodge.

On June 27th, workers of Alstom Power had rejected a first offer, the employer was demanding important concessions on group insurance and overtime, members were dead set against these demands, in no way were they ready to let go acquired benefits !

The negotiation committe returned to the table with a clear mandate supported by a strong strike vote.

This second round of negotiations yielded expected results : the employer withdrew his demands pertaining to the group insurance premium and overtime rates.

The 36 members accepted a new 5 year contract containing raises of 2.75% - 2.75% - 3% - 3% and 3% plus raised benefits on pension and added vacations.

Congratulations to the negotiation team composed of brothers Roland Robitaille, Denis Breton and Jean François Tremblay.

Recognition of Samuel Raiche as the recipient of an IAMAW scholarship
during our General meeting, as well as presentation of watches to our attending pensioners

Photo of the awarding of a watch for our retirees

Photo album of the annual visit of our units

Negociations may, 18 at GE Hydro


Why not become the world leaders in
wind energy production?

Hydro Quebec’s Unions invite you to become aware of the different publications, the press release and documentation which will allow you to better understand the major stakes of the privatisation of wind energy in Quebec.

 Wind energy, complimented by hydro-electricity places us advantageously in the greenproduction of electricity. In stride with the Kyoto protocols, why not control this network of the future.Water and wind, which belongs to everyone, should benefit all Quebecois. In nationalising wind energy, in keeping public control of dams, we are assured of the of the profits of this energy source remaining in Quebec, instead of watching the profits being monopolised by private enterprise, more often than not foreign. In this scenario, we would be left blowing in the wind…


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Rally in support to the members of that worked at Aveos, 04/21/2012

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Thanks to you the “QMC” raises to the task! 09/19/2010

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Machinists present at rally, 12/10/2008

Coalition government, 12/02/2008

The reform of the Quebec pension plan, 11/27/2008

A new contract for members Robco, 10/13/2008

The members rejected the Robco compagnies offer, 09/24/2008

IAMAW Credit Card, 09/24/2008

IAMAW 2009 Scolarship Competition, 09/09/2008

Photo of the awarding of a watch for our retirees, 09/03/2008

Agreement between Laurentienne Bank and Local Lodge, 08/27/2008

Pre-notice of nominations, 07/19/2008

Good news for the GE Hydro workers, 07/04/2008

Photo of 1660 Golf tournament, 06/11/2008

A new contract for members Metso St-Laurent, 07/06/2008

Members accept ABB St-Laurent final offer, 05/03/2008

1660 Golf tournament, 04/20/2008

ABB St-Laurent reject the employers offers, 04/03/2008

Together for our health, 03/26/2008

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GE Hydro Lachine shop closure announcement, 10/17/2007

The closing of the GE Hydro in Lachine on June 2008. 09/30/2007

Retirees honoured by Local Lodge, 06/26/2006

Important notice, 09/17/2007

Members of Dominion Sample accept a 5 year agreement, 06/05/2007

Demonstration on May 30th.in Ottawa, 06/05/2007

Demonstration in support of Goodyear employees, 02/06/2007

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IAM scolarship, 09/12/2006

General Electric sells its Lachine plant, 12/24/2006

Retirees honoured by Local Lodge, 07/20/2006

Son of Local Lodge 1660 member wins IAMAW scholarship, 06/20/2006

Photo album of the annual visit of our units, may 2006

A new contract for members GE Hydro, 05/18/2006

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