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Aramark, on the other hand, 15 or so office workers at ARAMARK in St. Laurent have joined us. This multi-national business manages a service network, such as supplying and maintaining food vending machines.

ABB, in Saint-Laurent, specialises in controls and electric motors. We have approximately 24 members working at this Unit, who were previously with Local Lodge 987.

ABB, in Lachine, was created after the acquisition of another Company, by ASEA Brown Boveri in Saint-Laurent. They then combined with existing operations in Lachine, and the certification from the Minister of Labor was split, thereby creating a new bargaining Unit within Local Lodge 1660. They specialize in electrical relays, and there are currently about 12 members in this Unit.

Andritz Va Tech Hydro, (G.E. Hydro Technical Counsel, Hydraulic Laboratory) regroups many of the office workers, (buyers, draftsmen, technicians, non-destructive testers, printers and others), as well as the Lab workers, and will become a part of Andritz Va Tech Hydro (Austria)
Dominion Sample, is in the east end of Montreal. They too were formerly with Local Lodge 987. They employ 70 of our members, most of them being women. This is one of the few shops in our Lodge which has a lot of women employees They specialize in promotional items, such as key-chains, pins, etc.

Johnston Dandy Ltée, located in Lasalle, papermakers have been using Dandy Rolls for over 150 years to produce watermarks in machine made papers, and to make improvements in the sheet. Dandy Rolls are used for improving formation, closing up the sheet, smoothing the top side surface, improving felt side quality and printability, and improving drying.

Metso Paper,  formely Valmet Canada, owned by multi-national Valmet of Finland makes rolls and roll coverings for paper and paperboard making machines. Formerly a part of the old Dominion Engineering Works, since then greatly down-sized, they employ approximately 28 of our members.

Peerless, located in LaSalle near our offices were formerly with Local Lodge 2133. They specialize in lighting fixtures for the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential markets.. We have 48 members in this Bargaining Unit

Plastic Decorators, also in the east end of Montreal, specializes in printing labels, instructions, advertising etc. on plastic bottles and other types of plastic containers and packaging. We have around 35 members in this Bargaining Unit, and like at Dominion Sample, most of them are women. They were formerly members of Local Lodge 987.

Robco Inc, of Lasalle, which is the neighbouring city to Lachine, makes all kinds of gasket and industrial packing material. We have approximately 25 members there who came to us from Local Lodge 987.

Weigh-Tronix, formerly Stavely Weighing Systems, comprises two separate Bargaining Units. The shop Unit builds industrial scales, including truck weighing scales, and the service Unit services and installs these scales. Formerly with Local 987, we have 8 shop members and 5 service members in these Units.

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