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"The IAM authorizes you to print or download one copy of IAM copyrighted materials included on this website for your personal, non-commercial use. The IAM further authorizes you to use such materials for purposes of education or organization and to distribute copies of such materials to members of the IAM, other unions, their families, or for other educational or organizational purposes.

You are only licensed to use the IAM logo and other IAM service marks : (1) to show your membership in, affiliation with, or support for the IAM and its activities; and (2) in connection with authorized IAM activities. The IAM logo and other IAM service marks may not be used in connection with any non IAM activity, may not be put on any other website or nerwork, and may not be used to promote or suggest IAM support for any other commercial or non-profit enterprise, even if conducted by an IAM member or retiree.

Please remember that communications about official Union business should be made in writing trough the normal chain of command, such as through a steward, local lodge official, or Business Representive, as appropriate. This website is not a substitute for official communications.

For other uses, contact Local Lodge 1660 by mail at - 663 2nd Avenue, Lachine, Quebec, Canada. H8S 2T3, attn. Recording Secretary, by Fax at (514)-637-1917, or by E-Mail